What are the advantages of participating in Possmei Tea shop

consultant services? How long does it take?

Possmei’s tea shop opening consultants provide a complete one-stop service, from branding, marketing,

decoration design, equipment planning,raw material research and development,

menu research and development,complete education and training and other professional and complete

services,so that a brand-new bubble milk tea brand from zero to existing, we are not just a supplier of

raw materials, but to create a brand new brand with you together.

Possmei is committed to overseas markets. It has rich experience in different regions and countries. Therefore,

it will provide different planning and suggestions.

The service course of shop consultant is 7 days, including brand design, graphic and interior design,

Equipment and raw material planning,menu development and complete training.

After the course is over, we will continue to make more complete planning and discussions based on the

content of these seven days.We will accompany you to the formal establishment of the brand. In addition,

when you find the location and officially open,we will also send a commissioner to the

store for teaching and guidance.