Q1: How to sign up for Bubble tea training in Taiwan?

For signing up for training courses you may contact with us directly and provide your ideal date to

set up timetable.

Possmei offers a two days training courses which includes following:

- Tapioca cooking

- Tea brewing

- Making beverages (Pure tea, Fruity tea, Flavored milk tea)

- Special drinks mixing

- Machinery set up and maintenance

Q2.How to use Possmei bubble tea mix :

The basic recipe for a 500 cold drink make by possmei powder is : 3:1:3

Which means 3 rubber spoons of powder ( around 30g ) : 1 rubber spoons of coffee creamer (around 10g) :

No.3 of fructose machine (15cc)

Mix with 200cc of hot water or hot tea , then fill the cup by ice . Mix well , drink is ready to serve !