If I want to open a bubble tea shop,

should I join a Franchise or do I create my own brand?


The industry of bubble tea is now booming all around the world. More and more people want to follow this

trend and open a bubble tea shop. The most frequently asked question by the customer that visited our

company is"Should I join a franchise or do I create my own brand". You can see the analysis of these two

business models below based on our experience.




Choosing a brand to franchise is a faster and easier way to own a bubble tea shop. The brand will teach you

how tooperate the shop based on their business model. What you need to prepare in advance is the franchise

fee, finding a suitable spot for the tea shop and taking their training lesson. On the other hand you need to

follow their rules while operating your shop. For example, you can only purchase the raw materials from

the franchise headquarter, the decoration and the menu should be exactly the same as the headquarter etc..

Their business model can fit with Taiwan market but it doesn’t mean that it can also fit with other foreign

countries.  However, you are unable to decide and adjust your shop because you already signed the contract

with them.


Three main points of joining a franchise


Fast and easy to own a bubble tea shop and will have a brand effect

The operation of the shop will not be flexible

The same business model doesn’t fit with markets around the world.


Creating Your Own Brand

People who want to open their own brand are like pioneers. You need to think and implement everything by

yourself, like marketing, materials or design. Moreover, without the well known brand effect, customers might

not recognize your brand. Therefore, creating your own brand will be very difficult at the beginning. But on

the other hand, you own 100% of your shop so you can adjust everything to meet the market demands or

decide how youwant to operate your shop. Also, if the business of your shop gets better and better, you can

also decide if you wantto let other people franchise your brand.


Four main points of creating your own brand

In the beginning, it will be much harder than joining a franchise.

The operations in the shop is very flexible

You can decide how you want to manage your shop

May have chances in letting other people franchise your brand


Possmei provides a complete consultant service and training course for people who want to open their own

brand. Until now, we already helped lots of people to fulfill their dream in opening their ideal tea shop overseas.

If you are interested in this service, please no hesitate to contact us for more details. Let’s bring bubble tea

to every corner of the world together!