Possmei New Product -- BODO Fruit Jam Unboxing
BODO fruit jam has five different flavors, including lemon, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, and plum. And Bodo means the fruit kingdom,Taiwan, in Taiwanese, which is how it gets its name.
Made by high percentage of fresh juice and unique process to boil fruit with syrup, BODO Fruit Jam preserves the natural flavor and nutrition of the fruit. No coloring, no flavoring, no preservatives are also the features of our new products.
Making Juice with fresh fruit increases the cost of the shop; the color wouldn’t look good either because the color of fruit juice made by fresh fruit is normally lighter. And it is hard to preserve fresh fruit. As for fruit syrup, although it is easy to be preserved and has strong taste, it might contain preservatives and chemical substances, which can do harm to human body.
Possmei’s new product “BODO Fruit Jam,” however, solved all the problems above. It can be preserved in room temperature, and we tried our best to reduce food processing. No coloring, no flavoring, and no preservatives are added to the products. So our customers can enjoy the taste of authentic Taiwanese fruit.