The Encounter of Sweet Fruit and Fresh Brew Tea

Selling only bubble milk tea might not be the best way to manage bubble tea shops. Adding fruit juice or fruit tea can enrich your menu, and gives customers more options. Drink shops start to include sweet or sour fresh fruit to their menu in recent years. “Fresh fruit series” or “freshly squeezed juice” are getting more and more popular. Consumers prefer them due to their healthiness and nutrition.
However, using merely fresh fruit in drinks not only increase the cost of the shops, the color wouldn’t look good either because the color of fruit tea made by fresh is normally lighter. Mixing fruit juice concentrate or fruit jam into fruit tea can brighten the color of your drinks, so as the taste of them. With the right mixing ratio, the flavor will stand out.
Our company, Possmei, not only sells bubble tea machine and bubble tea equipment but also fruit juice concentrate and fruit jam. The flavor includes passion fruit, strawberry, mango, blueberry……up to forty of them.
Next year, we are going to release our brand new product “BODO Fruit Jam.” Using local Taiwan fruit, made by high percentage of fresh juice and unique process to boil fruit with syrup, BODO Fruit Jam preserves the natural flavor and nutrition of the fruit. No color additives, no flavoring agent, no preservative are also the features of our new products. There are five different fruit, including lemon, pineapple, tea plum, strawberry, and blueberry. Customers can enjoy fruit tea or juice in high quality without any worries.