Milano Tutto Food Show


Possmei attended the Tutto Food Show on May 6-9 in the year 2019. The exhibition was located at the Fiera Milano exhibition in Milan, Italy, the largest exhibition center in Europe (currently the fourth largest in the world).

The booth was designed in darker-wood tone, creating a fashionable sense.
BODO main beverages:
Lemon green tea
Lemon black tea
Blueberry juice
Plum green tea
With toppings:
Litchi Popping bobas
Mango Popping bobas
Passion Popping bobas
Lemon Popping bobas

Best match:
   The best match goes to Blueberry juice with Litchi Popping bobas, although most of the locals prefer the fruit that they were familiar with, we have found that the colour itself was also influential, many people will choose Litchi Popping bobas, because the transparent colour of the Litchi Popping bobas stands out in the blueberry juice.

Advantages - Natural ingredients
Europeans has more concerns with health issues, BODO’s natural and simple ingredients are the good advantages.
No frozen needed, BODO can be served right away, just simply add water or tea, was considered very convenient.

Black sugar Pearl Milk
Most Asians went for the black sugar pearl milk because they have known this product and have already tried similar beverages in tea shops.
On the contrary, most of the locals were not too familiar with the pearls; fresh milk was another factor, many Italians used to drink fresh milk alone or with coffee only. They find it difficult to add fresh milk to other beverages.

Popping bobas
   Although we have been promoting the Popping Bobas in the European market for many years, but we have found that it was their first try. The Italians has given high remarks for this product. Possmei is striving to develop a healthier series to be more potential in the market


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