Las Vegas Food Show

The Night Club & Bar exhibition is the first exhibition Possmei attend in Las Vegas.
It last for two days, and there were more than 600 suppliers and over 65
product categories.

This time the theme of the exhibition is Night club & Bar, beside using in bubble tea shop , some of our products are also fit in cocktail drink ,therefore we served Popping Boba, Fruit Syrup and BODO jam for the participants to try, and the feedback were awesome!

It was the first time for some customers to try popping boba, you can see the surprising expression on their face!
As it shows on the picture, hundreds of people participated the Night Club & Bar exhibition, It’s a great opportunity for products to be presented

This is the first time for Possmei to meet everyone in Las Vegas, thank you all for your support, and wish to see you again soon
Stay tuned at Possmei