UK IFE Food Show
Possmei e attended the International Food and Drink Exhibition on 2019 March 17-20. The exhibition took place in London, United Kingdom at the ExCeL Convention Center. IFE London is the largest food and drink exhibition in England. More than 1500 exhibitors attended this show. IFE only happens once every two year therefore everyone eager to attend and to participate at this event.

During the show, a lot of visitors would ask us “Is this vegan?” or “Can I see the nutrition facts?” even before trying out any of our drink. We can see that English people care about their health and really pay attention to what they eat or drink.. Possmei has always wanted everyone to taste Taiwanese bubble tea. So this year at the IFE we introduced one of our newest products, the BODO fruit jam. BODO fruit jam , without preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring. The most popular flavors from the BODO series are the blueberry jam and the pineapple jam The blueberry BODO fruit jam is made into blueberry juice, the flavor matches to the taste preference of Europeans and westerners. And the pineapple BODO fruit jam is made into pineapple green tea. The sweet and sour taste of the pineapple fruit jam is smoothened out by the green tea, the two flavors mixes together creating a perfect blend.

Added to the BODO fruit tea, we use Popping Boba as toppings. There were so many people that tried the Popping Boba for the first time and with their first bite into the Popping Boba, they were amazed and also shocked at the popping sensation in their mouths。
Bubble Tea shops can be seen all around the streets of London. Very quickly they bring in the latest bubble tea trends from Asia. For example, the Black Sugar Tapioca Latte, every shop in London has their own taste and method of making Black Sugar Tapioca latte. We also introduced ayed our own Black Sugar Latte, made with our Premium Black Sugar Syrup. The visitors that tried our Black Sugar Latte liked rich flavor of the Premium Black Sugar Syrup and how well the taste of the drink turned out.
The International Food and Drink Exhibition is held every two years. We are able to get to know the United Kingdom more by  launching our new products. Get to know the taste preference of the drinks that the people of the United Kingdom like and the quality that they look for in a drink. During this exhibition we were able to make some new friends from the United Kingdom and in Europe. We are also really happy to see familiar faces that came and visited us at the show.

We are grateful for your visit at the IFE and gave your support. We also thanks for those who that encouraged us and gave us more advices. We are able to learn from them and provide even better services and products to all of Europe.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next exhibition.






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