Western Food Expo !

The tenth exhibition that Possmei participated this year is the Western Food Expo 

​in Los Angeles,which lasts for three days.

LA's tea shop business is quite thriving, and you can easily find a tea shop every few minutes,

so LA is a potential market, and the locals including Chinese and foreigners are no strangers to

the Pearl milk tea.

We offer several products for this food show like Pearl milk tea, Fruit Tea + popping bobas,

Taro Powder,Japanese Matcha, Cream top drink, Tea presso, Egg waffle and Premium Black Sugar.

Because LA's visitors are familiar with the Pearl milk tea , therefore, our booth is very popular,

the supply could not meet the demand, the cream top drink is not that popular compare to

the pearl milk tea,but the egg waffle , on the contrary , is very popular among the people in LA.

Through our introduction, everyone seems to have re-recognized the popping bobas.

In addition to being added into Yogurt, it is more suitable for mixing with different fruit teas.

We gained a lot from this Expo, we appreciate every clients and visitors, making us more confident

to explore the US market.

See you soon at the next exhibition!

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