The ninth exhibition that Possmei participated this year is the International Food and Beverage

Exhibition in Vietnam, which lasts for four days. Food sales in Vietnam account for about 15% of their

GDP and is still growing, so it is a very promising industry in the Vietnam market.

We hope that our pearl milk tea can be introduced to more people through this exhibition, so we

offered a variety of beverage for our clients and displayed a lot of pearl milk tea-related products on

our booth.

At this food show, we focused on several products like Pearl milk tea, Black sugar tapioca latte, Taro

powder, Matcha powder and Fruit tea with popping bobas.

Among them, the Black sugar tapioca latte ,which is very popular in Taiwan is the most popular

product for local people.The pearls which cooked with black sugar mixed with fresh milk make this

beverage amazing and is praised by all.

The development of pearl milk tea in the Vietnam market is growing gradually, and there are more and

more chain stores opened in Vietnam.

We have learned a lot through this exhibition and hope our clients in Vietnam also learned more about

the pearl milk tea from us.
Finally, I would like to thank to all the guests who had visited us. We accept all the criticisms and

suggestions and we will keep improving.

We look forward to seeing you in the next exhibition. 


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