Cream Powder!

How to make the Cream

A. To make the Cream

1. Prepare the Cream Mixer and put in 30g of Cheese Cream
    Powder then add 120cc of cold Milk .

2. Set the Cream Mixer to 奶泡1, then press the on button. Let the mixer run
     for 20 seconds then it is ready to serve.

B. To make tea:

1. Pour 200cc of tea in to the shaker.

2. Fill the shaker with ice.

3. Then add 25cc fructose into the shaker close the lid. Shake the shake for
    about 20 time, this will quickly let the tea cool down. When the tea is
    all mixed together then it is finished.    

C. To make Cream Tea Beverages

1. Pour the tea in to a 500cc take out cup and fill it to the line of the 500cc.

2. Then pour the cream on top of the tea till the cup is full, then a Cream tea is finished.

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