San Antonio Food Show

The sixth food exhibition we participated this year was held in South-central Texas.

During the two-day exhibition, we provided a display of various products related to

the pearl milk tea and professional introduction of them as well for our visitors.

At this San Antonio Food Show, we focused on the several products like Pearl milk tea,

Fruit tea with popping bobas, Matcha latte, Egg waffle , Cream top drink, Brown sugar

han tien jelly, Teapresso and Taro powder.

Most of the local visitors may have heard of pearl milk tea but there are only a few

who have actually tasted it. Therefore, visitors were very interested in our booth and

were very enthusiastic about tasting various drinks, furthermore they found out that

the beverage with topping taste good and was interesting when they consume it by

chewing and drinking.

And it also made local visitors quite impressed and want to know more about our products.

Wanna know more about bubble tea and Possmei ?

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